Windward Trading Company Ltd

Family owned company, Windward Trading take great pleasure in bringing you authentic Caribbean rums, distilled and bottled in Grenada, including their Amaz-In Chocolate Créme Liqueur.

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Windward Trading Company has teamed up with the Grenada Tourist Association to bring to the UK rums from Clarke’s Court distillery, Grenada’s largest and most prestigious rum producer.

The Windward story started with a visit to the island to find warm turquoise seas, golden beaches and tropical forests, and to discover that the beautiful island of Grenada not only produces rum but also some of the worlds’ finest chocolate. These two lovely products have been combined to create their latest treat - Amaz-in Chocolate and Rum Crème Liqueur. Chocolate and rum pair beautifully and we’ll have some other products and pairings for you to try.

These niche products are not available on the High Street. You can of course visit the island to find them for yourselves, or take the opportunity to visit our stand. We look forward to offering a wealth of information about Grenada, samples for tasting, with a full range of bottles available for purchase.