Luisa’s Vegan Chocolates

Each bar, truffle and chocolate sculpture I make happens to be vegan and gluten free, therefore my chocolates are suitable for a wider range of diets and can be enjoyed by all.

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I am experienced in delivering the optimum taste profile for each cocoa bean origin by going through the delicate process of roasting, winnowing, grinding, conching and tempering in order to release the unique flavours of each single origin bean.

Each country of origin (Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Dominican Republic, Makirra) evokes different flavours that reflect the land, much like a fine wine. This hand crafted process allows me to produce fine chocolates of the highest quality, which was confirmed when I recently won the Academy of Chocolate Bronze Award on my first attempt.

My business is founded on ethical principles of direct trade - we pride ourselves on knowing each farmer by name, and each chocolate is traceable back to the farm it was cultivated on. We ensure to give the farmers a fair price for their beans, paying them 3x more than the average chocolate company, allowing farmers to take pride in their produce.