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Discover ethically produced chocolate from sustainable sources, brought to you by award-winning chocolatiers and bean-to-bar chocolate makers - including vegan, organic & gluten-free options.

AuBel Chocolate

Based in Ashtead Surrey, AuBel Chocolates are lovingly hand made using the finest ingredients to deliver the best tasting chocolates, using everyday and some unusual ingredient and flavour combinations.

Aztec Gold Chocolate

Aztec Gold Chocolate has created a selection of exceptional handcrafted, bean-to-bar, single origin, chocolate bars for you to enjoy. We have chosen the Criollo variety cacao bean from central Peru to craft most of our bars. This bean is considered one of the best in the world.

B is for Brownie

Dark, dense & intensely good. Handmade brownies baked with single origin chocolate from Madagascar & Colombia.

Brighton Cacao Company

Our plan is to supply chocolate bars to the lovely people of Brighton!

Choc Chick Raw Chocolate

Blend it, shake it, bake it - we're obsessed with all the ways you can make it. Welcome to the home of cacao.


Chococo is an independent artisan chocolate company who have been putting the “oohh” into their award-winning, fresh chocolates since 2002.

Cocoa Island Ltd

Where chocolate adventures come to life...

Cocoa Loco

We live, breathe, dream and sleep chocolate but it has to be Fairtrade and Organic all the way! If you love chocolate, we hope you'll become a lover of Cocoa Loco chocolate, spreading the message that scrumptious handmade chocolate can be 100% ethical too.

Craft House Chocolate

Craft House Chocolate source only the finest fair trade beans to turn into single origin stone ground bars and delicious chocolates.​

Dormouse Chocolates Limited

Academy of Chocolate UK Rising Star of 2017, Dormouse Chocolates were the first Bean to Bar producer in Manchester, in 2015.

Duffy's Chocolate

Duffy was the first small-scale bean-to-bar chocolate maker in the UK. He sources rare fine cocoa beans directly from the farmers and makes fine chocolate bars - slowly.

Éponine Fine Chocolate

Award-winning luxury chocolate, confectionery & patisserie sourced from the highest quality ingredients, from the best producers, locally and worldwide.

Fifth Dimension Chocolates

Internationally-renowned British chocolatier / caramelier specialising in luxury handmade chocolates and caramel sauces.

Franceschi Chocolate

Franceschi Chocolate is a unique collection of Fine and Extrafine Chocolates, made from selections of ancestral Venezuelan cacao of Criollo and Trinitario Origin, with a combination of the aromas, textures and flavors from the different regions from Venezuelan lands.

Goldfinch Chocolate

Vegan bean to bar chocolate maker. Goldfinch Chocolate is a micro batch bean to bar chocolate maker based in Lincolnshire. We create vegan friendly stone ground chocolate using ethically sourced beans and as few ingredients as possible.

Harry Specters

Harry Specters is dedicated to crafting the most delicious chocolates while creating employment and free training for young people with autism.

J Cocoa

Award winning single origin bean to bar chocolate, from West Sussex. Sourcing the finest cocoa beans by directly trading with cocoa famers and growers.

London Chocolate

London Chocolate is part of the bean to bar revolution and makes only small batch premium chocolate. Created in the heart of London’s Canary Wharf, an area with a history spanning hundreds of years for merchant trade with exotic locations – cacao and sugar have been arriving at these docks since 1802.

Luisa’s Vegan Chocolates

Each bar, truffle and chocolate sculpture I make happens to be vegan and gluten free, therefore my chocolates are suitable for a wider range of diets and can be enjoyed by all.

Pana Chocolate

Pana Barbounis founded Pana Chocolate in 2012 with the intention of creating a rich, luxurious chocolate the whole world could enjoy. A chocolate that made people stop, if only for a moment, to enjoy a myriad sensations: cacao melting on the tongue, surprising bursts of citrus or herb, natural sweetness, the character of coconut; a sophisticated chocolate that is at once smooth and textured, sweet and spicy.

Seed Chocolate

Award winning bean to bar craft chocolate maker, whose beans are imported directly from family farms & cooperatives around the world, ensuring the best possible price for the Cacao farmers.

Solkiki Chocolatemaker

Solkiki Chocolatemaker import very fine flavour cacao direct from specialist smallholder estates for much higher than fair trade prices then turn those amazing ingredients into stunning chocolate.

The Crafty Chocolatier

The Crafty Chocolatier has been on a chocolate adventure two years now, having trained as a chocolatier at The Callebaut Chocolate School.

The Well-Bean Company

The Well-Bean Company is the brainchild of our Chief of Chocolate, Charlie. A guy on a mission to promote the positive relationship between good food and the mind.

Urban Village Chocolates

A small, award-winning, artisan chocolate company based in St Margarets, Twickenham, known for creating stunningly beautiful chocolates. ‘You can’t have too much colour so long as they taste as good as they look’ would be our motto if it wasn’t so wordy!

Yvette's Chocolates

Yvette's Chocolates are based in Herefordshire and our Origin range uses chocolate sourced from specific plantations in Tanzania, Venezuela, Peru and Papua New Guinea - to guarantee both flavour and quality.

Sweet and Savoury

Food & Drink

We had a selection of chocolate-inspired wines & spirits on offer, with savoury snacks & refreshments.

Chopperwhoppers Rolled Ice Cream

The very latest in ice cream creations from Chopperwhoppers Ltd

English Spirit

We are a distillery with a simple mission: to fashion the best tasting spirits in the world, and to ensure that spirit enthusiasts across the land are consistently surprised and delighted by everything we make.


M-Wines bring the Rubis Chocolate wine to this event, along with a collection of bespoke wines from talented wine makers.

The English Chocolate Fountain Comapny

Bringing the fun in to the festival with a chocolate fountain - or two!

This Little Piggy

Providers of a super sassy sausage roll selection

Thomas Cookie Co

The ultimate goal of Thomas Cookie is to create the most delicious cookies the world has ever tasted.

Windward Trading Company Ltd

Family owned company, Windward Trading take great pleasure in bringing you authentic Caribbean rums, distilled and bottled in Grenada, including their Amaz-In Chocolate Créme Liqueur.

Something different

From the World of Cacao

Discover more from the world of chocolate, visit chocolate destinations, or wear art created to reflect the fashion of cacao.

Chocolate Ecstasy Tours / Taste Tripper

The Chocoholic's Tour of London. Guided tours showcasing a different story of chocolate where our expert guides lead you on a gentle stroll to beautiful boutiques tucked away on gorgeous streets and arcades for chocolate tasting, sharing local history along the way.


'Like a magician with chocolate', Chocolatician, founded by chocolate artist Jen Lindsey-Clark, is fast becoming the go to for chocolate artistry, choc props and bespoke gifts.

Jesse Sharp - Travel Counsellor

Jesse Sharp is a travel counsellor who offers clients unrivalled customer service, knowledge and passion. He can take away the hours of searching what to do, where to go and where to stay - replacing it with personal suggestions and working alongside you to give create the holiday of a lifetime.

Nina Marie Shoes

Taking London by storm and wowing Surrey at our latest events, the Death by Chocolate 'wearable-art' shoes from Nina Marie Shoes are real show-stoppers. They will be on display, along with other creations in her collection, throughout the weekend.

Pure Grenada

Pure Grenada, the spice of the Caribbean is a friendly and welcoming island just 200 miles from the coast of Venezuela. This small but mountainous country, roughly the size of the Isle of Wight, boasts four artisan chocolate makers, all who welcome visitors.

Supporting Each Other

2018 chairty partner

Winston's Wish

We support bereaved children, their families, and the professionals who support them. We were the UK’s first childhood bereavement charity – supporting bereaved children since 1992. As the first charity to establish child bereavement support services in the UK, we continue to lead the way in providing specialist child bereavement support services across the UK, including in-depth therapeutic help in individual, group and residential settings.